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1 Manchester United England Ole, Ole, Ander Herrera NEW Song for Man U's Basque midfielder Ander Herrera. Signed for 36 million Euro's from Bilbao, he's become a fans favourite and now has his own song Lejátszási lista
2 Derby County England You Are My Derby My only Derby? Lejátszási lista
3 Cardiff City England We Are Top of the League! You alright down there? Lejátszási lista
4 Tranmere England Who the F**k Are Leeds United Who are ya? Lejátszási lista
5 Exeter England ... on the Argyle Everybody s*it on the Argyle because they're a load of s*ite!
6 FC Augsburg Germany Super FCA Score a goal for us Lejátszási lista
7 Bristol City England City (Clap) Classic Bristol City football chant Lejátszási lista
8 Bolton England Tomo (Ed: Sent in without lyrics, not sure these are right. If wrong please put in comments box below and we will correct them)
9 Dukla Banská Bystrica Slovakia Bystrica Chant This song was sent without a description, if you know something about this song or club please write in the comments box on the website Lejátszási lista
10 Real Madrid Spain And Score a Goal! Sergio Ramos... Lejátszási lista
  Premier League Betting
11 Palmeiras Brazil Palmeiras (With drum beat) Palmeiiiiiiiras! Lejátszási lista
12 Swansea England Jason Scotland Top man for the City. Lejátszási lista
13 Ecuador Ecuador We Have to Win Another insulting VERY common chant from SA supporters Lejátszási lista
14 Blackpool England Your Support One we sing when they're not supporting Lejátszási lista
15 Cheltenham Town England Useless Sung when the opposition f up Lejátszási lista
  Premier League Betting

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